Constantijn Ramses Schepens

Constantijn Ramses Schepens
Constantijn Ramses Schepens

Who am I and why am I even bothering writing about all this? I like to explain this using the choices I made on the webpage you currently find yourself on.


I am the son of an Egyptologist and an archaeologist. Their backgrounds resulted in my middle name being Ramses, a name I wholly embrace. It has also made me an avid traveler, very keen to discover foreign history and culture. (PS: Ramses II is definitely the coolest of them all, and yes I can have an opinion on that!)

Hardware geek

Regardless of my parents background, somehow I still ended up studying electronic engineering at university. My obsession at the time was transistors and gate level hardware design. Although it isn’t my current focus, this is something I am still extremely passionate about and hope to work on again somewhere in the distant future.

Web development

Straight out of university I joined Entrepreneur First, a revolutionary pre-seed investment program that selects people based purely on talent. I spent the next 9 months starting/running my own business, with my co-founder Sophie. The problem we were solving was to help people with mental health disorders feel engaged between individual therapy sessions. We needed a fully fledged web platform for our solution, so as the only technical one out of the two of us I picked it up. I have since changed course slightly and joined Twistilled as a developer, further engulfing myself in Web.

Buddhist philosophy?!

To start with, I am not a Buddhist and don’t plan to become one, but have found that its philosophy has only enhanced my own thoughts on life and spirituality. I spent a semester living in Singapore during uni and was able to thoroughly saturate myself in Theravada Buddhism by traveling constantly. The beauty of their philosophy is something that has stuck with me ever since and exploring it further is something I deeply care about.

The things I am hoping to chronicle in this blog post are precisely these interests(*) and how they progress over time. Never thought hardware could make you misunderstand JavaScript OR expressions, think again, but that is a discussion for another time.

EDIT: Thanks for reading this far, but it turns out I’m just going to write about stuff that I love and just feel like writing about. Many posts will still follow these themes though, so you haven’t wasted your time getting here!

* I may even slip in some (or more?) stuff on obsessively healthy living, including food and exercising. Oh, and just add in delicious food too.

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  mind: [ meditation, learning, exploration, traveling, culture, startups ]
    food: [ organic, natural, sugar-free, fresh, salubrious ]
    exercise: [ gym, diet, routine, scuba diving ]
  soul: [ philosophy, spirituality, atheism ]